The Atrium
  • After a horrific car crash on his way to a celebration, a man finds himself trapped within an atrium that is lined with a series of framed pictures. He soon discovers there is no choice but to relive a sequence of traumatic events which have shaped his life up to that point. He is faced with the confrontation of self, undisputedly the hardest issue a human being can forcibly encounter.

    The Atrium causes him to examine and confront his own inner turmoil, leading to a discovery of both morals and motives and their application in each situation, casting an entirely different light on the treatment of those around him. There is a realization that we have the capacity for change and the ability to create an existence filled with compassion and purpose beyond self. He struggles with life and death decisions that could determine his future on earth or in the great beyond.

    A Review

    Life Changing
    I found this book to be the most insightful piece of literature I not only read, but experienced. Each of the chapters have ties that I think everyone in the world can connect to something in their lives. I read it with not only my eyes, but an open heart and a willingness to look deep inside myself. There are some things I did right, and others that I need to make up for with others or within my own self being.

    If approached with a willingness to connect the dots, it's a road map for the beginning of an inward journey to answer the age-old question, " who am I." In my humble opinion this book is a learning tool and a gift to the world. This came from the heart.
    - J Man