Latest Update

  • Dragomeir Contest Winners

    Thank you to the winners of the character contest for the Dragomeir Series. Jacob Overton and Joe Russomanno created the characters Helup Ironfold and Sergei Rasputin Cosmonov for my Urban Fantasy novels. They have each received copies of all three books -
    The Emerald Dragon - Flight of the Aguiva - and Egg of the Amphitere.

    Thanks again for entering the contest and congratulations on your creations!

  • Good News for Dragomeir Series Fans.

    The Prequel Books are forthcoming beginning with

    Daughter of the Dark Lord
    Part 1
    "The Burning Sky"

Maps and Floorplans

“A subterranean view of Mt. Drago, and a complete map of the Provinces from the Dragomeir Series.”