• Into Futures Past

    Daughter of the Dark Lord Part 3-
    Into Futures Past

    A tyrannical Dark Lord of the Provinces. A daughter destined to rise up and fulfill a prophecy. Katherine Pendragon’s story continues in this third prequel to the Dragomeir Series. Katherine is no stranger to adversity and manages to escape from the Provinces where her father considers her an enemy. Suddenly she finds herself thrust into another place and time where she dies, and is then transformed into the body of a woman named Elizabeth. She struggles to make sense of this unfamiliar new reality while being pursued by forces of good and evil. This is her story, one of a young champion for the downtrodden, seeking acceptance for herself, the dragons, and people in a world that is often filled with tyranny and discontent. Using her special abilities, will she be able to claim her destiny and as Queen of the Dragons, save them all? Follow the failures, triumphs, and continuous journeys of the daughter of the Dark Lord in this exciting, action-filled fantasy adventure through space and time.

  • The Alberra Project

    Daughter of the Dark Lord Part 2-
    The Alberra Project

    In Part Two, Katherine Pendragon comes of age on the Provinces of Hell, continuing her journey in this dark and often unnerving place. She unwittingly learns the truth about her father, the Dark Lord of the Provinces, revealing the reality she has long dreaded.
    With the beloved dragon, Exxa, by her side Katherine makes an incredible and frightening discovery that leads to an uncertain future, both for herself and those she would free from this vile world. She must somehow survive, prove her worth and save the people of the Provinces before it is too late. You won’t want to miss this exciting Second Prequel to the Dragomeir Series.

  • The Burning Sky

    Daughter of the Dark Lord Part 1-
    The Burning Sky

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    The birth of a female child who will be the liberator of the Denizen people living within the Provinces has long been foretold by prophecy. No one really knows when, but they are certain that she will one day appear. Governed by the Dark Lord, they have been under his oppression for years and are anxiously waiting for that day to unfold. The Dark Lord, although hoping for a son, is instead rewarded with a daughter. He names her Katherine, and she both amazes and confounds him from day one. On her first birthday she is gifted with a dragon egg, which subsequently hatches, and her lifelong friend, Exxa, is born. Exxa becomes her constant companion and protector. Katherine is extraordinarily intelligent, headstrong, and has shown surprising skills and strange abilities, of which not even her father is aware. As she grows older, she realizes that the Dark Lord is a cruel and heartless monarch who cares little for her or the people he governs, and Katherine decides to follow her own path into unfamiliar territory. Who is she really, and how will her life affect the fate of those she cares about, the citizens of the Provinces, and the future? You won’t want to miss this exciting Prequel to the three books in the Dragomeir Series. It is a gripping look into the past of the Queen of the Dragons that will keep you wondering what happens next!

  • Dragomeir Series Books 1-3


    Begin a magnificent mystifying journey with Tanis Theatra as he is called to impress with an Emerald dragon and trains to be a dragon rider at remote Mt. Drago. Here he meets fellow riders and their remarkable dragons along with the Queen who holds command of the mountain. He soon discovers that the Queen has many secrets that begin to unfold as he meets and has to battle with other species, puzzling Clans, and a whole new way of life that unfurls before him. The series takes you to new worlds and additional mountain homes . . . places filled with powerful, very extraordinary dragons. Ride along with Tanis and Queen Mother to discover the truth behind it all, meet the diverse dragons and their companions, and unlock the special powers of both human and dragon kind.

  • Tinker

    Tinker Smith & The Conspiracy of Oz

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    Ten children are stolen from their parents while at a summer camp and genetically altered. They have become part human and part something else, each with extraordinary capabilities. These new abilities cause them to become freaks in a society that is being altered by the geneticist who made them – Oscar Zoroaster, the self proclaimed Wizard of Oz. His technological prowess is far beyond standard science and he deploys it on an unsuspecting populace causing worldwide chaos. This evil genius wants to reshape the world using a computer virus called EPITOMY and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Johnny, a young boy and his father find themselves thrust into this world of espionage and technology that stretch their imaginations to the limit. Johnny meets Tinker, one of the ten children, and together they forge ahead in the hope of survival. Unknown to anyone, Oscar has created a subprogram within the virus, the Oz Immortality Sequence. In the event of death – reanimation takes effect. Can it be stopped, or has Oz unleashed a technological mammoth that will bring the world to its knees?

  • Larger World Series Books 1-3


    There are three books in the Larger World trilogy. They take you through the phenomenon known as “Out of Body” and give further details about the how and why of astral traveling. Readers are introduced to breathing exercises, types of travelers, and dream journals. Book Two gives the reader further explanations, as well as teaching the dangers and possibilities of the various topics. The associations between the scientific and philosophical aspects are explored in more detail. In the third book, the altar pyramid is explained and colorful images of the thirteen altars in the pyramid are examined. Each person is represented by one of these altars and the reader can determine which one suggests them. An enlightening experience to self-awareness.

  • Vengeance of the Wolf

    Vengeance of the Wolf

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    Detective John Yardley and FBI agent, Frank Williams are on a quest. They are determined to stop a manipulative, unknown mass murderer, whose targets seem to be specific politicians in a bizarre and maniacal killing that draws them into a world of dreams and nightmares beyond their wildest imaginations. Awaiting them are unbelievable terrors, chilling twists and turns, and a scope of destruction that they would never have believed possible.

    A Review
    "Solitaire Parke takes the reader into the world of dreams. The description is so well written; the reader is transported into the world Dorian creates for his victims. Everything is so vivid and descriptive that it isn't hard to get lost in the story. 'Vengeance of the Wolf' is an absolute read by anyone who loves a good thriller...It leaves you guessing until the very end." - Beverly Rearick

  • Img


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    “Tapestry is a vivid sojourn inside the mind of the poet. His inspirations, hopes and fears come to life through a series of interlacing poems which depict his life and careers, his loves and disappointments, and his successes. Great to ponder in the wee hours of any long and lonely night.”

    A Review
    This author's work has been likened to Edgar Allen Poe and William Shakespeare, and I can see why. Classics are read to this day for a reason, and I wouldn't be surprised to someday see this book listed with the great minds of the past. This is destined to be a classic as well. I gave this 5 stars, and it earned every one of them. - Kay Glass