Back From Oblivion
  • In the finale of the Dragomeir Series, Queen Mother of Mt. Drago has a lifelong goal to liberate the Denizen people. After locking away her father, the Dark Lord in Oblivion, she is taking them to the planet 267.

    Tanis is a dragon rider and an important person in her past, present, and future. Through a series of misadventures, he regains the memories of not only his past but the accumulative knowledge gained by his future self and goes forward in time to effectively rewrite history. The earth becomes a burned-out cinder in 300 years because of the anomalies caused from time travel, so Tanis takes steps with his future self to remedy the situation.

    Guided by the Watcher, both Tanis and Queen Mother become stronger and wiser people through their efforts. They learn the importance of working together and with others as they strive to champion for all while fulfilling their own destinies.