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Dragomeir Characters

TanisIn the dragon books of the Dragomeir Series, one of the main characters, Tanis, is a man of multiple talents. He is a Thaumaturgist and a skilled warrior, a mentor to others like him, and an amazing dragon rider with not one, but three dragons to manage on a day to day basis. Then there is his relationship to the Queen Mother, The Ariella, which has its ups and downs, making life very exciting, to say the least. So it’s a good thing he was blessed with a sense of humor. How could anyone survive without being able to laugh in the face of chaos and danger? So here are a few thoughts from the absurd but astute mind of Tanis Nickolai Theatra of “The Emerald Dragon” and “Flight of the Aguiva” –
“With my luck it’s probably radioactive and will cause my future children to be born bald, with an intense urge to play the banjo.”
“That would’ve been a herculean level of work for nothing. Although if it had, then I would be going back to bed to get a decent amount of sleep. And we all know that’s not going to happen. Jeans, Tanis shoes, and a T-shirt that states, “Tanis is Da Man” was as far as I wanted to go at the moment. Today’s forecast calls for “widely scattered labor, followed tonight by dried perspiration. Stay tuned for Sports.”
“If you say something with enough fervor and enough times . . . you begin to believe.”
“I must admit, I’ve never seen anything like that before. I told you I’d talk to the engineers, but after seeing that, do you really think I need to warn them about anything concerning the river, its speed or inhabitants? I think what you need to do is put a sign at the beginning of the corridor that states, CAUTION! Excessively dangerous river that runs so fast it probably kills the fish. Proceed at your own risk!”
” you know what they say . . . opinions are like navels, everyone has one.”
“So, tell me . . . what’s the last thing to go through an insect’s mind when it hits the windscreen of a speeding car? Its butt – and I didn’t want to be an insect.”

TanisHey Guys, Tanis here

I've been asked many times what kind of armor I use in combat situations. So I have listed below a kind of rundown of what my suit is, and does. So, here goes.

I use a Magna AES (Advanced Encounter Suit) Series 3, which includes an onboard artificial intelligence life form, reticulated armor plating, darts, rockets, disrupters and a host of other add-ons; all inside of a hermetically sealed environment capable of dealing with entire armies if the need should arise.
The AES has been anodized to the color of my Altar and in my case that Altar is Chaos, and as such the color is green. The offsetting color where the plates meet is silver and the dragon I came to impress with is emerald green, so it couldn't have been more perfect if I had orchestrated it myself.
If I press the main switch I'll feel the plates begin to wrap around me. Seconds later I can feel a wash of fresh air flood through the suit, and screens begin showing themselves in my helmet. Walter, my A.I., then resets all the plates and expels the burst of nitrogen giving the AES its pressurized internal atmosphere.
The green beauty next to me is Demios, the first Emerald Wyvern born in over a thousand years. Destined to be a Queen, and one of the greatest dragons of all time.

AriellaWho is this dark-haired beauty that they call ” The Ariella” or Queen Mother? She commands an army of Dragons and Dragon Riders as well as a group of seemingly misfit Creatures that dwell in various mountain locations around the planet. She has their fierce loyalty and is a force to be reckoned with among her global community; all of whom she guards with her life . . . she and her ominous and amazing Dragons, Basiliskos Verminthrax Pejorative – a male black Wyvern, and Invectum Viperathrax Pejorative – a male white Wyvern. In The DRAGOMEIR SERIES books you can read all about this global population – their triumphs and defeats, while getting to know how “The Ariella” manages to keep them all alive from conflict to conflict. But how long has she been around, and how did she become Queen Mother to this unlikely group of characters? To answer this question, the Dragomeir series, chronicles her life, and rectifies some of the myth surrounding her tumultuous journey leading up to her title, “The Ariella” or Queen Mother. The story picks up shortly before her birth and follows her life thereafter. It was her destiny to become the Queen of the Dragons and a champion to the downtrodden misfits in her world.

DemonPieces of Eight – Technically, they are genetically altered, Class Eight Demons. They appear in “The Emerald Dragon,” and were responsible for bringing the first of the Aguiva dragons. What the Dark Lord was looking for was a demon with the strength of a Class Eight, but with a much smaller overall size. These demons stand about six feet tall, weigh in at about two hundred pounds, and on the Provinces are considered tiny. The size factor was adhered to because of the Aguiva dragons. It takes a human sized person to fly one of the War Birds. Anything larger and the Aguiva wouldn’t be able to lift the weight.

The look and feel of the Pieces of Eight is very similar to their counterparts, the standard Class Eight Demon, just smaller with less pronounced facial features. They generally have dark brown hair and eyes. They are strong, fast, and fiercely protective of their War Birds. The demon pictured above is an artist’s rendition of Caleb, complete with his flight suit. Caleb flies the Aguiva dragon named Seven. There are one hundred and seventy- five demons within the ranks of the Pieces of Eight.

NataNata, a Lunarian, was one of the first people Tanis met on his entrance to Mt. Drago. Nata had crash landed outside of Phoenix in the Arizona desert. Near death, he began hearing a voice calling him. Following the voice, Nata eventually found Mt. Drago and the dragon he calls Fellona, or Fe for short. His race is referred to by Tanis as having a tiny stature. Tanis went on to say that Nata’s voice sounded just like the Munchkins from “The Wizard of Oz,” and his body was roughly the same size. He had an enormous head, large black eyes, and the tiniest mouth he had ever seen on a living creature.

Nata’s technology is only surpassed by that of Tanis and his suit. The mountain regularly uses the little alien’s anti-gravity to carry larger objects and even dragons at times. The Lunarians are war- like, and have been space faring and nomadic since their home planet was attacked and stripped of its atmosphere.