Amphitere The Amphitere are comparable in size to the Wyverns, and the majority are tan in color. Other colors are found, but are still considered rare. They have scales like the Wyverns, and from the neck up she looked very similar to a tan version of Demios. From the neck down, well that's definitely a different story. Ambrosia, the first Amphitere to Mt. Drago had the overall look and feel of a Wyvern but the body configuration of an Aguiva. I had seen pictures of the different varieties and dragon subspecies in the Archives, but she was the first I'd seen in person. They are unique even in the dragon realm, and constitute the best of both worlds. With a larger size, vertical takeoff ability like an Aguiva, they are deadly in the air but somewhat cumbersome on the ground. When fed the correct diet they can also produce dry fire like a Wyvern. In the air they can turn on a dime and give you nine cents change, fly at great altitudes, and have the stamina of a plow horse.