Fun Stuff


Projector Station The Projector Station is a ground based weapon that fires extremely over sized arrows or Bolts. Massive in size, they can be turned in a complete circle, and fired with some degree of rapidity. The Bolts they fire are the size of tree limbs, and are effective to several thousand feet. Their Bolts can penetrate dragon scales, and are lethal to most life forms.

Saddle The saddles that most of the Riders use have twin straps that circle underneath the dragons at the chest level and run parallel until they meet on the opposite side. Tanis saw how they bunch up and have to be adjusted periodically. The design he had the artisans make, crisscrosses underneath and has a leather bracket that binds the two at the bottom. Further, at the top of the saddle there are two pegs on either side that act as kind of a two handed pommel configuration. During sharp turns and banking maneuvers it is difficult to keep your hands from slipping, as the pegs are just too small and are located in a non-ergonomic position in relation to the rider's posture. On his there is a curved bar that starts from the left side at the front of the saddle and arches up and over to the right. It's easier to find with either hand and in any posture during flight. The last innovation to the saddle was foot rests. Steep banks and barrel rolls can throw you right out of the saddle. It isn't the fall that kills you; it's the sudden stop at the end. There in the mountain that's not considered a joke, and if you're not careful it can become a reality. So, no stirrups for Tanis. He designed foot rests with spring loaded bars at the front and rear of the foot, that allows you to actually clip your boot onto a metal plate. Now between the arched bar/pommel and the boot clips, falling out shouldn't be a problem.

Nasa Spacesuit A spacesuit is made up of many parts. One part covers the astronaut's chest. Another part covers the arms and connects to the gloves. The helmet protects the head. And the last part covers the astronaut's legs and feet. Some parts of the suit are made of many layers of material. Each layer does something different. Some keep oxygen in the suit while others protect astronauts from space dust.
Under the suit, astronauts wear another piece of clothing. It covers their body except for the head, hands and feet. Tubes are woven into it. Water flows through the tubes to keep the astronaut cool.
On the back of the spacesuit is a backpack. The backpack holds oxygen so astronauts can breathe. It also removes carbon dioxide that astronauts have breathed out. The backpack also supplies electricity for the suit. A fan moves the oxygen through the spacesuit. A water tank holds the cooling water.
These suits were featured in the book, Into Futures Past, Book Three from the Dragomeir Series and were worn by the Thaumaturgists.

Portal Base Unit The Portal Base Units were used to transfer the stewards, their belongings, and all the dragons from Mt. Scartaris to Mt. Drago
These units were featured in the book, Out of the Abyss, Book Four from the Dragomeir Series and were used by the Thaumaturgists.

Anti-Gravity Sled The Anti-Gravity Sleds were a part of the Lunarian Technology Base and used extensively by Nata after the crash on Earth and his subsequent stay at Mt. Drago
These units were featured in the book, Out of the Abyss, Book Four from the Dragomeir Series.