Fun Stuff


Holder of ThingsThe best description I've heard yet for these esoteric artifacts came from Demios, and she takes this particular item with a huge degree of seriousness. Early in her life they were, in part, the key to her salvation.
"No, Tanis, not the trash cans...the Holder of Things. I'm told the garbage is placed in the grey plastic buckets and nobody would eat out of those - blech, nasty. The Holder of Things is shiny and clean and made out of metal. They hold the most wonderful things like Frisbees and candy and beef. No one would put those things in the trash."

Provincial YoYo "There&Backs" consist of two rounded off discs connected by a dowel rod, holding the pieces approximately a quarter inch apart. String was then wound around and connected the center rod with a loop fashioned on the opposite end. Children stick their fingers through the loop, and fling the unit out and down, allowing it to spin on the string until catching on the rod, thus bringing it back to their hand. They had become the latest rage, inexpensive to build, and easily captured in a pocket when not in use.
These toys were featured in the book, The Alberra Project, Book Two from the Dragomeir Series.

The Crystal KeysThree crystal keys were imbued with energy like the world had never seen. Each one of these crystals by itself was strong enough to bring the barrier down temporarily, approximately three days, allowing the Dark Lords to cross the Styx for the above mentioned time frame. Using all of them would destroy the barrier permanently, causing a cataclysmic situation for everyone on the correct side of goodness. Once the crystals were finished, they were disguised and taken to the far reaches, each equidistant from the other two. All three crystal keys when put together could remove the barrier permanently and free the demonic hordes to attack anything they chose on either side of the Styx.
The Crystal Keys were featured in the book, The Emerald Dragon, Book Five from the Dragomeir Series.

The Dragomeir MedallionThe Dragomeir Medallion was given to Queen Mother/Katherine by Adonai. The Dragomeir Medallion was featured in the book,
Out of the Abyss, Book Four from the Dragomeir Series.