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Mt. Drago

AmphitereFound deep in the Southwestern desert of North America lies Mt Drago, home of the Ariella, Queen Mother. Considered the Hub of her mountain Empire, and birthing place for the Wyvern Dragons.

Mt. Femmes

AmphitereLocated in Southern France, Mt. Femmes is considered the home of the Aguiva Warbird (Dragons). It was Queen Mother's second mountain acquisition.

Mt. Arcadia

AmphitereLocated in Australia, Mt. Arcadia is considered the home of the Amphitere Dragons. It was Queen Mother's third mountain acquisition.

Caesarea Maritima

AmphitereOne of the oldest settlements on Earth, Caesarea Maritima housed a Gate System called the Hearths, and was instrumental in Queen Mother's victory over the Dark Lord.

Mt. Manchester

AmphitereMt. Manchester constitutes the fourth mountain acquisition, and is the home of her advanced technology.